Want More Than Whats Currently On Offer…

Want Something More Something Different?

Having endured the commercial industry for 8 years, its current options and obligations offered to us Personal Trainers, are left lacking!

I found the need for more… more options, more freedom to be able to promote my business, more ownership of my business and more rights of a truly self employed person.

We could but wished…

No longer a wish, our intention, our vision is to provide an option to enable Self employed Personal Trainers, Group eXercise Instructors and Class Instructors, the ability to conduct business in more accommodating conditions.

We intend to help offer to all, that are of the like mind, the ability to feel like you are truly self employed!

Also, altering the environment for our users of Personal Trainers, Group eXercise Instructors and Class Instructors.

Giving users an additional choice too engage in their pursuit for physical fitness, improvements in health or improved wellbeing in a more conducive environment.

We intend to introduce to all our community members and our local Personal Trainers, Group eXercise Instructors and Class Instructors, a place where Group eXercise sessions are held, a place where the people that use the services of Personal Trainers can go, congregate and socialise with likeminded people. 

People who want to play football, gather with other footballers at football pitches.

People that play racket sports, go to sports halls and courts, with other racket sports players

Gym goers that have solely muscle growth in mind, go to Iron Worlds / Body Builders gyms, where other bodybuilding minded people go.

Of course, we know a choice already exists as to how and where to obtain personal trainer services…

Within commercial gyms!

Yet we all have heard of, or have friends that are uncomfortable for one reason or another, with the thought of overcrowded gyms.

We know also of the people that are over concerned with their appearance/weight and choose not to tackle it, partly due to having to become a members of one of those commercial gyms.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”
Definition of Insanity

People who strive for improvements in health, fitness, weight loss, weight management goals or simply to partake in a healthy pastime or hobby do not have the same liberties…

…Until Now!

Users of Personal Trainers aren’t you tied of being treated like a second class citizen?

While being the premium rate payer, paying gym membership, and for the services of a Personal Trainer. It is you that has to find a little corner, not to obstruct the other gym members and being prevented from using the studio if a class is on.

Aren’t you tied of being treated like a second class citizen, paying premium rates without premium entitlements?

Personal Trainers aren’t you tired of the treatment we receive?

How long did you studied to be able to provide your service?

How much money have you invested, and probably are still investing in your business, just to be restricted in how you can run it?

Have you also found yourself in the position where your focus is taken away from your trade, put more on your ability to clean and keep tidy the gym?

Have you been a self employed Personal Trainer within any one of the vastly growing number of commercial/budget gyms out there. And experience what I am talking about?

Are you assessed on how well you can keep the machines, toilets, showers, floors, mirrors and the doors clean, all thrown into the so-called package of Self Employed Personal Trainer?

Have you found yourselves pushed to do classes that you lack the enthusiasm for?

 Are you also made to purchase and dress in a uniform that gives the impression that you’re employed by the gym you run your business in, provide your services in?

Restricted from advertising your brand, advertising your company?

Do you have to find a replacement to cover your shift (shifts…..Self employed?) or have to return the time to whoever provided the cover for that period you were not able to cover?

Are you permitted holidays without penalty or restriction?

 …What does Self Employment mean to you?

For me it means working for oneself as a freelancer or as the owner of a business. Being able to work the hours you choose to work and when you choose to work them, taking a break when you require it, or when you see fit. Freely advertising yourselves, your company and your brand. Taking holidays when you like and for as long as you like, without need of permission and without cost. Providing the service/services your company provides, doing what you enjoy and have the passion to offer to your customers or clients. Providing your services like every another self-employed person works, rather than following the model of an employee restrictions as to how, when and where you can provide your service. 

It’s time to change reality…

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting s different result.”

Albert Einstein…

Let’s change the way Personal Training and Group eXercise is delivered, change the environment for our people, the users of Personal Trainer services.

It is time a new level of appreciation was found for the time, efforts and commitments the people with that burning desire to guide, assist and help others achieve health, fitness, visual and sporting goals!

Want to know more….

email – enquiries@pt321.co.uk