The Commercial Fitness Industry…

Over 9 Years of experience…

The time I have spent working in the commercial gym environment has lead me to the belief that the ‘fitness industry’ is not set up to help people, it is set up to make money.

Selling bottles of Lucozade and sugary snacks in gyms is not with the mind to helping members; it is making their excess body fat increase. But it is an easy way to make money when you’re tired hungry and weak. Naturally you reach for sugar, that’s £££s for the gym and extra body fat for you.

You should be surrounded by people who will guild you every step of the way, especially when you are in their building!

Every time you walk into P.T.321 you’ll be in a place where you will be challenged and focused to working towards your goal. The only options for post workout drinks are high grade protein shakes with fruit or still water or herbal beverages, not a bottle of Lucozade or a muffin in sight!

The trainers here are not full of $h*t, and are not trying to sell you anything bodybuilders products or force you into Olympic lifting.

Instead working with you to make you stronger, fitter and healthier.

Most importantly they have your best interests at heart with no ulterior motive, we are all about results. As a passionate Personal Trainer or “Coach”, there is no better place to work your trade.

What’s more, we will nevergo over 113 members, so you will be known to us all, rare thing in this industry within club of thousands of members. To us you’re not simply just a number on an ever-growing spreadsheet! You’ll always greeted by name and always coached with your specific needs in mind. This creates an environment that is friendly and engaging, which is above all the most important part of P.T.321’s training facility.

  Feeling comfortable in your surroundings, you will want to work harder and if you want to work harder you will get better results…